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Join us on a journey of discovery and appreciation for the art of our young people at LifeLine Projects. The "Art with BootzMama Black History Art Exhibition" is a celebration of culture, unity and creativity. Our exhibit is a testament to the resilience and brilliance of Black people, Black Artists and Black Art and the legacy of Windrush and it's 75th Celebration

Artist Temmy  - (Age 15 - School Pupil)

Hi, my name is Temmy, and I am a kind-hearted artist who is passionate about creating vibrant works of art. I was born in Ireland to African Heritage parents, which has given me a unique perspective on life that I love to explore through my sketches. My art is a reflection of me and the world around me, and I love nothing more than being able to express myself through it.

Artist Leah 18 

As an artist, I'm constantly exploring different mediums to express myself. From sketching, colour pencils, pens  to painting, each medium allows me to experiment with new ideas and create unique pieces that resonate with my audience. My love for tattooing stems from my deep appreciation for storytelling through art. I believe the art of tattooing is about capturing stories and memories on one's own skin, a form of self-expression to cherish for a lifetime. I see that black art and culture has a rich history of tattooing and story telling and so that resonates with me as an artist and I'm happy to celebrate that and the legacy of Windrush.

Artist Laila (Age 16 - School Pupil)

Meet Laila, a young and aspiring artist who’s thrilled about the future and what it holds for her artistic journey. With a keen eye and fresh perspective, she's constantly creating new pieces that reflect aspects of the world she see around her. Whether it’s painting, sketching or digital art, Laila strives to create art that resonates with people on a deeper level. We're so excited to spread her wings and explore new horizons in the art world. 

ARTIST TUMBA ( Age 16 School Pupil)

For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by the art of sketching. There's something magical about being able to create whole worlds and stories with just a few lines on paper. As a young black female artist, I'm proud to represent my culture and heritage through my sketches. Recently, I've been working on a series of drawings for the Windrush 75 and Black History celebration. My pieces are meant to iREPRESENT ME  and what I wanted to make. I AM A REPRESENTATION OF MY HERITAGE  AND MY CULTURE and me and my art are a celebration of the Windrush Legacy. I lie to draw fun things that I  like. I hope my art can help to uplift and empower others to be free and create what they want.

Artist Theirno (Age 16 College Student)

Hi, my name is Theirno, and I'm a young black male artist. I'm passionate about sketching and using form and pose to express a range of emotions. I like to focus on mental health in my work, often portraying the ups and downs of the human experience. When I work, I prefer pen and pencil. It's the medium I find most comfortable to learn new concepts, and I love the sharp contrast it creates on paper.